((BigGunner81 LIVE!)) 8-25-15 Guest OverLoad!!! Jacob Herman, Jesse Tischauser, Jon Patton, Jimmy Labita

So being new to the Google On Air Hangouts & Live chats in general I’m finding out there is a learning curve.  One of the things I’ve learned is that often guests who commit to a show will have life events pop up last minute.  I get it we all have things going on.  However that brings up the challenge of who will be actually be on the show that evening.   So often we don’t know far enough in advance to create a title for the show or be able to promote the show properly for the week.  So often we invite multiple guests with the understanding it’s possible none will show.  Well this weeks show was the opposite, we had an abundance of guests.  Good or Bad I’ll let you the viewers decide on that.  Some of the feedback I’ve received thus far is that there were enough guests for 5 shows.  Yes probably right…  Either way it was a good time, and several of our guests will be working on projects together in the future that were linked up during the show.  In my opinion that is one point in favor of a successful show.  After all the goal of the show, is to have fun maybe help someone learn something new, learn something myself, and build relationships within the firearm industry and “Gun Community” for lack of a different term.  I hope you enjoy the show!

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