Vid.ME & YouTube

So many of you may know recently the BigGunner81 youtube channel received a community strike over a video we had posted several years ago featuring a bumpfire stock. With that strike we lost our ability to stream live on the BigGunner81 channel. So as we found out we can host a secondary channel on youtube that will still allow for us to live stream. That channel is BigGunner81 LIVE!.

Now of course with all the anti-gun antics of pulling advertising on gun channels, community strikes, ect. It’s time to start looking at utilizing multiple social media platforms especially for video hosting. Of course we have other forms of social media, facebook, instagram, twitter, and the list goes on. So one new site we starting using is which is similar to YouTube, yet also very different. As of right now the Vid.Me seems friendly or tolerant to say the least of firearm related channels.

Stop by and check out / follow our new channel on Vid.Me @ currently we are adding our more popular videos and will begin adding some of the newer content as we go. We thank you all for your support of the BigGunner81 channel as well as The 50 State of AR-15. (stay tuned as we are still working on our new site for The 50 States or AR-15 project)

-Rick aka BigGunner81