Meeting Steve from Devil Dog Arms

I was down at the construction site for the Range at 355, and happened to run into Steve from Devil Dog Arms.  It was very cool to finally get a chance to meet him.  On top of that I was able to take a look at and handle their demo rifles he had on site.  Seen here is the Girls Guide to Guns AR15 in custom Tiffany blue.   It’s very neat to see a rifle customized for a female shooter that is something a little different then the typical pink camo.  Not to mention a high quality rifle at that.  I can truly say the quality is excellent, their free floating hand guards fit well and have a great feel without the sharp edges similar to a cheese grater.  My friends over at MGSFirearms recently performed a test review on one of their Devil Dog rifles.  Where they did things most people in the civilian world would never do, such as throwing the rifle, filling it with dirt, beating it, ect.  And in the end even with a broken grip, and damaged stock the rifle runs like a champ.  I can’t wait for the video to be released that the MGS crew and Patrick from 1 Shot Kill It Media LLC created.

Steve from Devil Dog Arms Girls Guide to Guns AR15 BigGunner81 Posing

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