3-Gun Season is Upon Us!

Hey Guys, you may have noticed I haven’t posted in a little bit on here or on youtube.. We’ll 3 Gun season is upon us and I’ve been working with various sponsors for The Aurora Sportsmen’s Club 3-Gun series.  Well I Should say “The Got Ammo LLC 3-Gun Series at Aurora Sportsmen’s Club”, Thank you to the guys at GotAmmoLLC.com for becoming our series sponsor.  If you haven’t stop by their website and check out what they have to sell and if your near Goodyear, AZ stop in and check them out, tell them BigGunner81 sent you!  Anyway If you are interested in coming out and shooting 3 Gun with me this season here is the link on the Got Ammo LLC 3 Gun Series @ Aurora Sportsmen’s Club in Waterman, IL. http://aurorascpr.org/3gun I will be working on some new videos soon…

AXTS Raptor Charging Handle “SECRETSALE”

I bought my first AXTS Raptor Charging Handle, this one is for my R-Guns AR15 I use for many of my matches.  And I have to say I am very impressed with it!  What a nice quality piece…  Anyway I picked it up from GotAmmoLLC.com there is a coupon code “secretsale” that will make it $79.95 (WITH FREE SHIPPING)  for the 5.56 version and 89.95 (ALSO FREE SHIPPING) for the AR10/.308 version.