Team Springfield™ Shooters Jalise, Justine

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ST. GEORGE, UTAH (March 25, 2016)– Team Springfield™ eked out a division first-place finish at the TTI Zion Classic March 19-20, in Hurricane, Utah. Thanks to newly minted Team Springfield™ shooter Jalise Williams, the team came out on top in the Single Stack Division. Jalise Williams took first place in the Single Stack Division, High Lady OA and High Junior OA at the event, while her sister, fellow Team Springfield™ member Justine Williams, placed eighth in the Production Division. Shooting her Springfield Armory® 1911 Range Officer® 9mm, Jalise focused her shooting on speed and accuracy for her first division win. “I was hoping for High Lady and High Junior, but have been practicing a lot and really wanted a division win,” she said. “I just wasn’t sure if it was too soon to have that dream cometrue.”

Jalise credited the Williams’ coach Glen Wong with believing in them throughout the competition. The Production Division included some highly competitive battles, and Justine focused on keeping her calm throughout the heated battles, commending her sister’s victory. “It’s nice having a sister to shoot with, because, even if I don’t place well, my sister probably will, so really – we both win,” Justine said. The Untied States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) Level 2 match brought 80 competitors for 10 stages and more than 320 rounds of ammunition total. Stages included technical shooting, steel, moving targets and other unique elements.

Hornady AP Primer Pocket Swage Tool


When it comes to dealing with primer crimps, we most often see on military surplus ammo I have been cutting my primer pockets. I started with this method because the cost of tooling was much less then buying a swage tool. However I have been thinking that I rather not be removing material it I do not need to from my casings. I started looking at swaging options, and had seen Hornady had come out with this new tool for the lock-n-load progressive press. I said hey I have one of those presses, and this looks like a quick easy option. Drop a case in, pull the handle, pull a finished case out repeat.

So we will be testing this new tool very soon, I’ll be posting a review video once I have it setup. Also I’ve been thinking of ways to add a collection device, so that when the cases eject they can dump into a bucket, automating one of the steps the operator would normally do.

“Have Fun, Reloading” -Rick

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3-19-16 Practical Rifle at The Aurora Sportsmen’s Club

This past weekend, I finally had a chance to get out and shoot my F-1 Firearms. This was the first opportunity I have had (Since I DQ’d at the 3 Gun Nation Southeastern Regional) to shoot this rifle since zeroing the Vortex Strike Eagle. It felt really good to get back into shooting a rifle match and was some much needed practice. I finished pretty low at 27th out of 35, which is a good indicator of not practicing enough. Only a few months or so ago I would normally finish practical rifle at the top of the bottom 30%.

Though my “ranking” or placement might be low, the fun I had was great! Regardless of where we finish having fun and being safe should in my opinion be the objective to any shooting activity. I love this sport, and the people in it. If your thinking of getting off the bench or out of the booth and want to try shooting a match, Do it! If you have questions ask them, if I can help answer them I will. Ask them here on the blog or on my youtube or facebook page If I cant answer them I’m sure someone will jump in.

I hope you enjoyed the video, thank you for watching & till next time “Have Fun Shooting”-Rick

Etymotic’s Electronic Earplugs Catch on With Hunters and Gun Sports Enthusiasts

Elk Grove Village, IL – March 11, 2016 – Etymotic’s GunSport•PRO® electronic earplugs are rapidly gaining popularity with gun sport enthusiasts. These tiny marvels resist movement from a firearm’s recoil, and provide comfort on the run, which are proving to be compelling attributes. Outdoor Life Magazine raves, “Get a pair of these in-ear noise-canceling earplugs and watch hearing acuity improve. The little units amplify sound up to five times, but switch to noise-canceling units when a blast occurs. And, they are much more natural looking than either oversized muffs or those orange foam plugs.” Active circuitry allows the wearer to hear naturally as if nothing is in the ears.

Adding electronic hearing protection to one’s arsenal isn’t new. Hunters and marksmen have long been using passive earplugs and over-the-ear style hearing protectors. However, an inability to communicate while wearing some of these products, and the instability of bulky headphone-style muffs on the head, are clearly impediments. For these reasons, Etymotic’s in-ear electronic earplugs have distinct advantages.

Properly sealed in the ear, electronic earplugs don’t move around. More importantly, it’s their ability to automatically amplify for better situational awareness, protect against continuous loud noise and blasts, and pass through normal sound that make Etymotic’s GunSport•PRO electronic earplugs a particularly good choice for hunters and sport shooters. For more, go to

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Team Springfield™ Wins, Places and Shows at the 2016 Rio Salado Desert Classic/USPSA Area 2 Championship



MESA, ARIZ. (March 11, 2016) – Team Springfield™ had a successful shoot this past weekend at the 2016 Rio Salado Desert Classic, just one day after announcing its newest additions, junior shooters Jalise and Justine Williams.

Working as a squad and sporting their new uniforms, Jalise and Justine performed side by side with Team Springfield™ members Rob and Kippi Leatham on stage breakdowns, resetting and taping targets, and supporting each other on both good stages and bad.

When the squad’s last shot was fired, the team had earned some noteworthy accomplishments:

Carry Optics Division – Rob landed on top of the new, provisional Carry Optics Division. He discussed the importance of the new division that has emerged:

“After a tough battle with top-level shooter and buddy Nick Saiti, I ended up getting the better of him,” Rob said. “I commend USPSA for creating this division. It is a godsend for several reasons. For the competitors who do not want to spend multiple thousands of dollars on an open-division pistol but need to use an optical sight due to vision issues, your prayers have been answered. And for shooters who see the opportunity this platform offers other than for competition use, you now have a division in which to train and test your skills. I enjoyed shooting it and believe the future of sighting systems for handguns, just as in short-range carbine use, is some sort of optical sight system. I’m glad to have gotten in on the ground floor!”

Single Stack Division – Jalise finished top junior and second among the women; Kippi finished third among the women
Production Division – Justine finished second junior and second among the women
Team Springfield™’s guns of choice were:

• Rob – Springfield Armory® XD(M)® 5.25” in 9mm with Leupold Delta Point Scope
• Kippi – Springfield Custom™ 1911 in 9mm Jalise – Springfield Armory® 1911 Range Officer® in 9mm
• Justine – Springfield Armory® XD(M)® 5.25” in 9mm
“I’m so thrilled that the Williams family has joined Team Springfield™” Kippi said. “I could not be more proud of the girls and their performance this weekend. These young competitors are serious and fearless. I cannot wait to see them progress in the sport. This is going to be a fun ride.”

The match ran flawlessly and was blessed with the typical Arizona spring weather, according to the team. “Match director Paul Caudill and his team of exceptional volunteers always produce a top-notch event,” Kippi said.

This year’s USPSA Area-2 offered 15 stages, requiring 350-plus rounds of ammunition and allowed more than 430 shooters to attend.

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