11-21-15 Upstate 3-Gun @ Clinton House

I finally had my first opportunity to shoot an out of state 3-Gun match. Which was held on 11-21-15 @ the Clinton House Plantation, in Clinton – South Carolina. This was a great opportunity to shoot with Lisa Marie Judy. Who is the founder of and match director for the Brownell’s Lady 3-Gun. This event was a great learning experience, and the first time I used a standard semi auto shotgun the FNH SLP COMP (On Loan from BAT Arms) vs running my normal MKA 1919 magazine fed shotgun. I learned a bit about shotgun reloading (though I need practice to promote consistency), as well as other aspects such as stage design and operation. I can’t wait to attend as many matches as possible in the 2016 season both locally and across the states. I also would like to thank the show sponsors for their support, BAT Arms, EggelstonMunitions, & Tyr 1 Training Corp.

Lisa Marie Judy

Here are a few videos discussing the event, my shooting, and video from the event.