10-13-15 ((BigGunner81 LIVE!)) With Musical Guest Chuck Luke!

So for this weeks ((BigGunner81 LIVE)) show we tried something new.  We invited a musical guest Chuck Luke (Aka Timothy C. Luke) a musician from Mississippi.  Chuck writes many original patriotic themed songs.  In addition to his musical talents, Chuck is an avid hunter and supporter of the 2nd Amendment.  Having live music is something we have not tried before on the show.  Unknowing how the audio feed would sound from a technical aspect we gave it a try.  And really overall it wasn’t that bad for a streamed live performance, captured by Chucks I-Pad.  Chuck performed 2 of his original songs for us “For the soldiers that died” & “I see yo change”.  We also talked about a few of our current projects, the anti-gunners recent tactics and more.  Thanks for stopping by everyone, and have a great day!