Update for February….

2016 has been off to a wild start, I have been very busy since before Shot Show. Some of which include working with new companies on some video projects, shooting as much as possible in prep for the 2016 season which kicks off this month. I plan on attending my first major match, the 3-Gun Nation South East Regional in Frostproof, FL this month. I’ll be shooting the match with my fellow members from the Tyr Marksmanship Team. Also the Range at 355 opened up this month, I had a chance to shoot there. I have to say the air quality is awesome! The people are awesome, it’s really a great facility. I can’t wait to shoot there again in the near future! Anyway stay tuned for more cool things to come on! And as always have fun shooting…

Amend2Mags.com Attempted murder of an AR-15 Magazine

So I have to say these Amend2 Magazines really do hold up. I was first impressed when I saw the video that Amend2Mags created driving over the mag and turning the wheels to grind it into the asphalt. I wanted to see it this would really work and said hmm I should try this at home. So I drove over it with my 8Klb SuperDuty and turn the wheels to grind the locking side of the mag into the pavement, it didn’t crack, or fail just scrape it pretty good. I wanted to be further impressed or convinced these mags are tough so I got with my friend Toby of Tyr1 Training Corp. and well watch the videos…

My F-1 Firearms Rifle

I am a beginner when it comes to competitive shooting, however I love this sport and the people that surround it! I also love me new rifle well actually it’s my old rifle, with a new F-1 Firearms receiver set, I picked up from BAT Arms. Along with the new receiver set, you’ll notice a fresh Cerakote job by Applied Arsenal Finishes and a few upgrades from our friends at Devil Dog Arms. Check out the video for my details… And Thank you again to BAT Arms, Applied Arsenal Finishes, and Devil Dog Arms for their support in making this happen!

#F1Firearms #BATArms #DevilDogArms #AppliedArsenalFinshes

2-2-16 ((BigGunner81 LIVE!)) Live Stream from The Range at 355

This has been an awesome journey to follow, since we first met with Pete back in March 2015 at the open lot. Till now where we are just days from the doors first opening. I am very excited about this new range, and I want to thank Pete and The Range at 355 for their sponsorship of our show as well. They are great people to work with, and I can’t wait to see their dreams become reality! Here’s a little bit more info: