((BigGunner81 LIVE!)) Talking with Pro Shooter Jason Carillo

Check out this week’s Episode of BigGunner81 Live, we talk with Jason Carillo about his experience with 3Gun, and ideas for those interested in trying it out for the first time..

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((BigGunner81 LIVE!))

Hey Gunners… Some of you may know I recently started a new web show which is broadcasted via YouTube Live Wednesday nights at 9pm cst.  We’ve had some pretty interesting guests so far.   We have had Patrick from the YouTube Channel 1 Shot Kill it Media LLC, Jake from MGS Firearms an FFL & Class III Dealer from WI,  Barry from BAT Arms a Local FFL in Illinois, and of course Glenn Fleming (yes formerly from Discovery Channel’s Sons of Guns) from TheGunnersVault on YouTube and owner of Acadiana GunWorks who is an FFL & Class III dealer. So be sure to check out the BigGunner81 facebook page to see the topics for this weeks show, and check our youtube channel Weds nights at 9pm cst for the live feed (the link will also be posted on facebook).  Also we are currently seeking corporate sponsors for the channel & the live show.  Contact me at BigGunner81TV@aol.com for more info


July 2015 Got Ammo LLC 3-Gun Series Match

Just giving a short update from this past weekends Got Ammo LLC 3 Gun Match @ Aurora Sportsmen’s Club.  I had a blast, got a little sun burned and it was HOT out.  But everyone seemed to have a good time.  The MKA 1919 ran well I had 1 issue which is believe to be a mag problem with the follower sticking near the bottom of the Mag body, but far less issues then the first match when I was still breaking it in.  Overall I didn’t do horrible but I know I can do better next time around.  Stage 2 was a lot of fun the breaching stage which you can see in my video.  I love knocking down barrels, though not a big fan of crawling through tunnels it added to the challenge.  Stage 4 I believe the A.S.S.(Action Shooting Sports) Wagon stage as we call it I didn’t get on video but was a pretty decent / smooth run for me.  I finished out at 38th place out of 66+ competitors, and last in the unlimited division I believe (not many ran in unlimited I was probably 1 of 3 or 4).  But who cares 3 Gun is a blast pardon the pun….