Laura’s 1st “How To” video – Elftmann Tactical AR15 Ambi Speed Safety

Here’s a quick little video Laura made showing how to install an Elftmann Tactical Ambi Speed Safety (Push Button Safety) for your AR-15. This safety is pretty slick, and super quick (hence the name). Check them out at and see their line up of AR15 triggers and other components. Elftmann Tactical is an Arizona based company and you will see their products in the upcoming Arizona rifle build of The 50 States of AR-15 project.

Industry Day at The Range = Shot Show 2017

Here is a little montage I put together with the footage from Shot Show – Industry Day at the Range. What a blast pun intended… Laura and I, shot a ton of cool firearms, however I would say my favorite one I shot would have to be the Full Auto 300blackout suppressed sbr from Aero Precision. We also tested out HIPERFIRE’s Triggers, some of Rock Island Armory’s pistols, along with some of the offerings from Springfield Armory, and more.. Stay Tuned for more footage from #ShotShow and be sure to subscribe to The BigGunner81 Channel!

The 50 States of AR-15 in NRA’s Shooting Illustrated…

This is something I am super excited about, NRA’s Shooting Illustrated wrote an article about The 50 States of AR-15 project. Of course there are many people behind the scenes that made this possible and I thank all of them for this opportunity. I can’t thank you all enough for the the support this project has received, I absolutely could not do this without it. From the viewers watching, to the companies that have contributed, to those helping to share the projects existence If you can check out the article in the January 2017 edition of Shooting Illustrated and thank them for covering the project.

American Tactical Concepts -Sneek Peek #Ohio

Here is a sneak peek at another rifle build we are currently sourcing components for. Shown is the American Tactical Concepts lower receiver undergoing the CNC machining process. Love that logo! They are an Ohio based manufacturer, that we are proud to have as part of The 50 States of AR-15 project. We are looking forward to bringing you more information about their Ohio based company as well as the rifle build in upcoming videos on the BigGunner81 Channel. We are currently sourcing the remaining components for this rifle. Stay Tuned…

SkyJacker Defense – Hunter Orange, Georgia rifle

Just a little peak at the AR-15 receiver set for the #Georgia rifle build of #The50StatesofAR15 project. This receiver set is from SkyJacker Defense. Unfortunately at the time of this post they did not have a website, however you can check them out here on facebook. This is really cool to see a BigGunner81 logo on a rifle. BTW I picked the “Hunter Orange” for something a bit different, when I think of Georgia I think of peaches. While orange isn’t exactly peach colored it reminds me of peaches lol. So I’m looking forward to building this Georgia peach for you all and sharing the stories of the companies involved. We are planning on visiting Sky Jacker Defense at #ShotShow2017 to bring you some info. Stay tuned and again, I thank you all for watching / reading / and subscribing.

Till next time, “Have fun Shooting…”

Hail to the Chief – Patrick E. Kelley

As we are getting ready to head out to the desert for Shot Show 2017, we also are getting ready to welcome our new president Donald Trump. I wanted to share this clip that Patrick E. Kelley put together as a tribute. This man is very talented with an AR-15 and also shows some great musical skill. Just think about the timing of the music, and accuracy of the shots to hit the correct notes in sequence none the less. Not to mention having the proper amount of ammo to finish the melody. What a good show of hard work, planning, and skill! Keep up the good work Patrick!

#AR15 #Music #musictomyears #rifle #shootsteel #musicaltargets

Amend2 Mags 20rd AR15 Mags Are Here!

We first learned about Amend2 Mags at the 2016 Shot Show. So if you have been following the BigGunner81 channel on youtube you may have seen some videos on Amend2 AR-15 Mags. If you haven’t, you may want to watch this “Torture Test” Video(it will explain why I am excited). At this point you maybe wondering, why 20rd and not 30rd mags? Well that answer is simple, in competition shooting there are cases where 20rd mags seem to work out better. For example shooting prone where a 30rd mag might interfere with your position. Or possibly where a mandatory magazine change is required(for those of us who may forget a stage plan when the buzzer goes off). Another good reason for 20rd mags is for those looking to cut the weight of the rifle, without giving up all their magazine capacity. I’m looking forward to running these mags and will of course create a video review after we put some rounds down range. Oh and I said “we”, Laura will be helping test these mags out as well. So stay tuned…

2017 – Happy New Year

I would like to take a moment to wish you and yours a Happy New Year! I truly hope that your year (and life) is filled with happiness, accomplishments, health, and all things good. I would also like to say thank you again for following the BigGunner81 Channel and The 50 States of AR-15 project. As I have said in the past, with out you all out there watching, reading, & listening I’d be talking & writing to myself and that would be weird. I hope you all have enjoyed the content so far, and look forward to 2017. Speaking of 2017 we have many things to look forward to, some we know about some we do not know about yet. Kicking things off this month we will be heading to Shot Show 2017 where we will be covering the show, and interviewing for The 50 States of AR-15 project.

So if you have been viewing and already subscribe, thank you / if your visiting this page for the first time, thank you as well and enjoy the ride!

2017 Here we are LET’S DO THIS!!!!