So this just happend, we came accross this new social media/video hosting platform called GUNSTREAMER!  This platform seems very promising, and very easy to import videos over from youtube.  Now I’m not sure if the videos I imported from youtube are stored on their servers or if they are simply streaming from my youtube channel.  However you are able to upload videos directly as well.  So if you haven’t yet stop over and visit our new channel join/subscribe, all the cool kids are doing it…

Shop @ BigGunner81

Just a quick note/post to let you all know we are currently setting up a new store here on the BigGunner81 website. We are planning to offer some of our new 3D printed pistol and rifle stands along with some new items as they become available. We will keep you all posted as this develops!

Thank you all for your support!

Glock Stands & more 3D Printed items

As many of you know if you follow the BigGunner81 youtube channel (if you don’t please subscribe) we have been printing a ton of different things and streaming the prints live for you all to see. Particularly we have been creating designs for pistol display stands. Currently we have 4 different styles for the Glock pistols, one that covers the G43, the other covers the 9mm/40cal double stack and possibly the 45acp models (we do not have one currently to test out.

We are now offering these for sale, also if you have a logo or design (& the artwork) that you wish to have on the stand we can help. (non-copyrighted images unless you own the rights of course) Contact us at for pricing and info. We will most likely have these up on Ebay or Possibly another site as well for sale. Stay tuned for more info and products coming soon!

3D Printers and Firearms Parts Manufacturing

This week we are back on the BigGunner81 Channel, after our first channel strike that placed us in “YouTube Jail” for a couple months and basically placed a temporary ban on live streams. In this episode we talk about 3D Printers, CNC Machining and more…

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The “GOLDEN BOY’ My Christmas Story -Henry Repeating Arms

This was a great experience and I would like to share my story with you all. As some may know I have been wanting to add a Henry Rifle to the collection for sometime. This is something special to me, see my father and I had been talking about these rifles shortly before his passing. He had me order him a catalog from TV, it was something we bonded over. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to pick one up earlier, and I wasn’t able to share this with him.

Needless to say, when the opportunity came up to purchase one and meet Anthony Imperato the owner of Henry Repeating Arms I couldn’t pass it up. Not only did we get to meet Mr. Imperato, he also signed the box as well. I really feel purchasing this rifle was meant to be. In fact it was the last Golden Boy that Nichols Store had in stock that day and this was just before Christmas. I couldn’t ask for a better Christmas present, and I really feel like my father had something to do with this. I also thank Laura for suggesting we go there.

I hope you all have a Blessed Christmas!
-Rick aKa BigGunner81

Vid.Me – Lasted all but 2 Seconds….

So shortly after we started our Vid.Me channel.. POOF Vid.Me was no more, Vid.Me Announced they were discontinuing service starting December 15th, 2017. Thus the search continues for a gun channel friendly video hosting service. Of course having more than one platform in today’s climate is not a bad idea. Let us know what hosting site you recommend in the comments…

Vid.ME & YouTube

So many of you may know recently the BigGunner81 youtube channel received a community strike over a video we had posted several years ago featuring a bumpfire stock. With that strike we lost our ability to stream live on the BigGunner81 channel. So as we found out we can host a secondary channel on youtube that will still allow for us to live stream. That channel is BigGunner81 LIVE!.

Now of course with all the anti-gun antics of pulling advertising on gun channels, community strikes, ect. It’s time to start looking at utilizing multiple social media platforms especially for video hosting. Of course we have other forms of social media, facebook, instagram, twitter, and the list goes on. So one new site we starting using is which is similar to YouTube, yet also very different. As of right now the Vid.Me seems friendly or tolerant to say the least of firearm related channels.

Stop by and check out / follow our new channel on Vid.Me @ currently we are adding our more popular videos and will begin adding some of the newer content as we go. We thank you all for your support of the BigGunner81 channel as well as The 50 State of AR-15. (stay tuned as we are still working on our new site for The 50 States or AR-15 project)

-Rick aka BigGunner81

HM Defense announces the HMBTM Bolt

October 2017
Mt. Orab, Ohio – HM Defense announces the release of its all-new HMBTM Bolt, an enhanced durability bolt for M16, AR-10 and AR-15 rifles. The HMBTM Bolt corrects a natural weak point in existing Mil-Spec M16, AR-10 & AR-15 bolts where the cam pin hole passes through the bolt. Under extensive use, including the stress of combat, a standard Mil-Spec bolt can fail at the cam pin hole location.

The HMBTM Bolt by HM Defense eliminates the pass-through cam pin hole and replaces it with a cam pin socket and tapered cam pin design. This new patent-pending design eliminates the natural weak point of Mil-Spec bolts by significantly increasing the amount of metal (and strength) at the cam pin location. The result – No more broken bolts!
“The HMBTM Bolt design provides a substantial improvement in long-term durability over the existing Mil-Spec bolt,” said Clay Barker, General Manager at HM Defense. “Every M16 and AR rifle can benefit from our new HMB TM Bolt design”
Additionally, the HMBTM Bolt reduces contact between cam pin and firing pin, enabling smoother operation of firing pin, bolt lugs and aft gas rings. The new cam pin socket also retains lubrication for extended operations.
The HMBTM Bolt is 100% compatible with Mil-Spec M16 & AR-15 BCGs and can be installed as a drop-in bolt replacement in any existing M16 or AR-15 rifle. The HMBTM Bolt will be standard on all HM Defense HM15 rifles and available as an HM Defense bolt replacement kit or in a complete HMBTM Bolt Carrier Group starting in September 2017.

For more information on the HMBTM Bolt and other HM Defense technologies, please visit