Thank you for taking the time to visit BigGunner81.com.

My name is Rick Cesak aka BigGunner81, I started this project in 2014. Initially my idea was to show other big shooters, options for competitive as well as tactical shooting gear. I enjoy sharing the information I have learned, and well as learning from all of you watching. There are some many different ways to do things, and different ideas. YouTube & Social media has been a great educational as well as entertaining asset.

Since it’s induction the channel has expanded to include most all aspects of the shooting world. From Gun & Gear reviews, to interviews with members of the industry, fellow shooters, event coverage and more. In 2015 We started ((BigGunner81 LIVE!)) a weekly live show on Tuesday nights 9pm cst. You can watch the show live at YouTube.com/BigGunner81 as also ask questions live on you tube or at GunChannels.com/BigGunner81. We love to interact with you and try to monitor and address questions and comments on the show.

I myself have been around firearms most all my life. However my interest really kicked off in 2012 when I ended up purchasing my first AR-15 the COLT LE6920. Then after finding that a few of my acquaintances shoot practical rifle. I thought moving and shooting, through obstacle courses man that’s awesome. After all an AR-15 wasn’t really meant for bench rest shooting (though it works). So I went out checked out a match, and ran in one the same day. From then forward I never looked back, I joined the club and continue to enjoy competitions.