Rifle Rack or Guitar Stand?

So I was looking at some options for a rifle rack, I recently picked up a wall mount rack however I decided for now I may not want to put holes in the wall of the rental home. Of course it has to be something relatively cost effective. (You know more money for ammo and all) So I remembered I saw a while back someone using a guitar stand for a rifle stand. So I started looking at options on Amazon of course. and came across the one above and ordered it. While I’m writing this my order has yet to arrive. Meanwhile I posted the link on my facebook page, and several friends thought it was a nice idea. Philip from Ground Zero Precision who supplied the photos below found a slight modification for the ones he bought which helped it work better for this application as shown below he moved the positioning of one of the cross bars at the bottom, a very simple modification of course to help cradle the stock of your rifle.

These can be purchased on Amazon by clicking the link below:

Want to build a cheap AR-15?

So you want to build a Cheap / Low cost / Budget AR-15? Well here is a video dedicated to that… In this video we will show you how to build an AR-15 lower receiver for around $100. We use an FMK AR-1 Extreme Polymer lower receiver. We will be following this video with a part 2 building a low cost/budget upper receiver. Then of course we will be testing out the complete rifle.

Thanks for watching, and as always “Have Fun Shooting…”


Tuff Products – Organize your gear

Tuff Products makes some excellent gear, especially when it comes to organizing your firearms. In the video above we take a look at their inline 6 double stack pistol mag pouch. Not only is their gear TUFF, it’s very versatile. These mag pouches are excellent for organizing your range bag, keeping your pistol mags organized, and can attach to a belt with it’s velco loops, or any M.O.L.L.E. compatible gear as well. They can also be used to help keep your safe organized as well.