, TacDaddy Live, Shwell11, & Rob Pincus

Hey guys,

This week has been pretty cool, I found out from Shwell about which is a really nice little website that has is geared towards us Gun Guys.  It’s a great place to chat live with different gun owners.  I highly recommend checking out the site.  In addition to learning about that, I was invited on to TacDaddy Live which is on every Thrusday night at 9pm EST.  You can check out Kevin the TacDaddy’s channel at .  I had a blast talking with Kevin, Shwell, & the rest of the panel.  Oh and not to mention trainer Rob Pincus you cancheck him out on  Also Check out TacDaddy’s online store @ He has a lot of great gear for sale…

Anyway check out the show:


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