2017 – Happy New Year

I would like to take a moment to wish you and yours a Happy New Year! I truly hope that your year (and life) is filled with happiness, accomplishments, health, and all things good. I would also like to say thank you again for following the BigGunner81 Channel and The 50 States of AR-15 project. As I have said in the past, with out you all out there watching, reading, & listening I’d be talking & writing to myself and that would be weird. I hope you all have enjoyed the content so far, and look forward to 2017. Speaking of 2017 we have many things to look forward to, some we know about some we do not know about yet. Kicking things off this month we will be heading to Shot Show 2017 where we will be covering the show, and interviewing for The 50 States of AR-15 project.

So if you have been viewing and already subscribe, thank you / if your visiting this page for the first time, thank you as well and enjoy the ride!

2017 Here we are LET’S DO THIS!!!!

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