Hornady AP Primer Pocket Swage Tool


When it comes to dealing with primer crimps, we most often see on military surplus ammo I have been cutting my primer pockets. I started with this method because the cost of tooling was much less then buying a swage tool. However I have been thinking that I rather not be removing material it I do not need to from my casings. I started looking at swaging options, and had seen Hornady had come out with this new tool for the lock-n-load progressive press. I said hey I have one of those presses, and this looks like a quick easy option. Drop a case in, pull the handle, pull a finished case out repeat.

So we will be testing this new tool very soon, I’ll be posting a review video once I have it setup. Also I’ve been thinking of ways to add a collection device, so that when the cases eject they can dump into a bucket, automating one of the steps the operator would normally do.

“Have Fun, Reloading” -Rick

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