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Glock Stands & more 3D Printed items

As many of you know if you follow the BigGunner81 youtube channel (if you don’t please subscribe) we have been printing a ton of different things and streaming the prints live for you all to see. Particularly we have been creating designs for pistol display stands. Currently we have 4 different styles for the Glock pistols, one that covers the G43, the other covers the 9mm/40cal double stack and possibly the 45acp models (we do not have one currently to test out.

We are now offering these for sale, also if you have a logo or design (& the artwork) that you wish to have on the stand we can help. (non-copyrighted images unless you own the rights of course) Contact us at Store@BigGunner81.com for pricing and info. We will most likely have these up on Ebay or Possibly another site as well for sale. Stay tuned for more info and products coming soon!