DR Guns, llc – AR-15 Hand Guard

Here is a video I made to show how easy it is to upgrade your AR15 from a 2 piece hand guard to a free floating hand guard. I also wanted to note how easy the new DR Guns llc hand guard is to install with no need to index the barrel nut for the gas tube or add shims to align the hand guard to the barrel nut. As I mentioned this is a new product, that will be launching very soon. Their new hand guards will also come in several lengths, and configurations including key mod, m-lok, and for both AR10 & AR15 platforms.

We recently had the opportunity to tour the new DR Guns llc facility in Lake Zurich, IL. I have to say it is quite an impressive operation, with the majority of their firearm components being made in house. The cleanliness of their facility, and focus on manufacturing precision products is outstanding. I would definitely keep an on eye this company to see what they have coming out down the line.

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