SkyJacker Defense – Hunter Orange, Georgia rifle

Just a little peak at the AR-15 receiver set for the #Georgia rifle build of #The50StatesofAR15 project. This receiver set is from SkyJacker Defense. Unfortunately at the time of this post they did not have a website, however you can check them out here on facebook. This is really cool to see a BigGunner81 logo on a rifle. BTW I picked the “Hunter Orange” for something a bit different, when I think of Georgia I think of peaches. While orange isn’t exactly peach colored it reminds me of peaches lol. So I’m looking forward to building this Georgia peach for you all and sharing the stories of the companies involved. We are planning on visiting Sky Jacker Defense at #ShotShow2017 to bring you some info. Stay tuned and again, I thank you all for watching / reading / and subscribing.

Till next time, “Have fun Shooting…”

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