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So here is the deal I picked up from Amazon on my new Canon T5i. I had been asking a few other content creators for their input as I have yet to purchase my first DSLR. For my most recent video work, my main go to camera has been a Canon Vixia HF R52 (Now Discontinued, the current model is The Canon Vixia HF R72 ). So I was pleasantly surprised when they had recommended a Canon product. So after searching I found this deal on Amazon which seemed to be a very competitive bargain.

After looking at the listing on Amazon, I had a few thoughts. 1st the tripod is probably not really suitable for this camera, definitely not suitable for my uses out in the field. The memory cards are ok, but not the greatest. Many of the accessories were just fillers it appeared. The extra batteries and add on lenses were something I could see using, the bag well I’d probably pick a different bag, but I’m sure I can find a use for it.

So after un-boxing the bundle, overall I have to say for the money it’s not bad. The tripod is junk for sure, but I’m not disappointed because I went into buying this knowing I’d probably wouldn’t use the tripod for this camera. I will however be using it for one of my GO Pro knock off cameras or to hold my cell phone. as it’s perfect for that and will free up one of my decent tripods. Over all I’m happy for the cost of the bundle there are a few things I will use, some I may use for other things. Again the memory cards, extra battery, add on lenses are all things I will use for sure and made this deal. Some places are selling the camera alone for more than the cost of this bundle. If you are interested in this bundle on amazon check it out by clicking the image above.

I look forward to using this DSLR to help create better content for the channel, especially with Shot Show 2017 coming up here very soon!

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