The His-n-Her AR-15 project is alive and well…

So here is a little update on the project, as some may know Brandon of Applied Aresenal Finishes was out of commission due to a back injury. This put the project on hold, the rifles were ready and awaiting cerakote for some time. As of right now they are disassembled (as you can see in the video Laura taking her rifle apart), and with Brandon he has been working on them and we hope to pick them up sometime within the next few weeks. We are both really excited about this, as you may know I have been building and collecting AR-15’s for some time however this one is most special because Laura and I had the opportunity to build them together. This is her first firearm, and of course the first time building one herself. I’m really excited for her and see how her idea for the cerkote looks when finished… Stay Tuned….

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