The 50 States of AR-15

If you have been following my channel on YouTube you may have already seen or heard me talking about “The 50 States of AR-15”. Well here’s a video clip that talks about the project, and addresses some of the questions that have been posted and sent in to us.

Here is a little update on the project, we have received an awesome amount of support from both our viewers, fellow content creators, as well as various companies in the industry. I can’t thank you all enough. This project definitely is as someone had mentioned recently “ambitious”. Yes this project takes a lot of time and effort, and I am happy to do it for you all out there watching. I enjoy sharing my learning experiences, new products, and the behind the scenes look behind the America’s Rifle.

Again, thank you all for watching, stay tuned, and as all ways “Have Fun Shooting…” -Rick

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