3-19-16 Practical Rifle at The Aurora Sportsmen’s Club

This past weekend, I finally had a chance to get out and shoot my F-1 Firearms. This was the first opportunity I have had (Since I DQ’d at the 3 Gun Nation Southeastern Regional) to shoot this rifle since zeroing the Vortex Strike Eagle. It felt really good to get back into shooting a rifle match and was some much needed practice. I finished pretty low at 27th out of 35, which is a good indicator of not practicing enough. Only a few months or so ago I would normally finish practical rifle at the top of the bottom 30%.

Though my “ranking” or placement might be low, the fun I had was great! Regardless of where we finish having fun and being safe should in my opinion be the objective to any shooting activity. I love this sport, and the people in it. If your thinking of getting off the bench or out of the booth and want to try shooting a match, Do it! If you have questions ask them, if I can help answer them I will. Ask them here on the blog or on my youtube or facebook page If I cant answer them I’m sure someone will jump in.

I hope you enjoyed the video, thank you for watching & till next time “Have Fun Shooting”-Rick

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