EoTech 1-6x @ Shot Show 2016


I was going through some of my pics from Shot Show 2016 (yes there so many pictures & videos I have not had a chance to really work with) I came across this. Yes, EoTech has caught a bad wrap recently for thermal shift issues with some of their sights however it seems they are owning up to their issues. That being said this 1-6x scope really caught my attention. I’ve always liked the EoTech reticle and have said if there was a high end optic that used this style reticle, but had a different styling I would be even more interested. Well I never thought about a 1-6x scope with this reticle! So being someone who enjoys 3-Gun this design really appeals to me, of course I have not tried one other then handling this display model. This model should be coming out later this year.

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