My F-1 Firearms Rifle

I am a beginner when it comes to competitive shooting, however I love this sport and the people that surround it! I also love me new rifle well actually it’s my old rifle, with a new F-1 Firearms receiver set, I picked up from BAT Arms. Along with the new receiver set, you’ll notice a fresh Cerakote job by Applied Arsenal Finishes and a few upgrades from our friends at Devil Dog Arms. Check out the video for my details… And Thank you again to BAT Arms, Applied Arsenal Finishes, and Devil Dog Arms for their support in making this happen!

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6 thoughts on “My F-1 Firearms Rifle”

    1. It depends on what part of the world you are in, in the U.S. there are many places to shoot competitively. Do you need a vest no, you do not. I would suggest doing a google search in your area for gun clubs and shooting matches find one and go check it out.

  1. its a really cool looking gun, idk I ve got an lwrc maybe ill sell the colt m4 sometime and see about putting the money towards something like this. We will see. Ill have to wait around and see if anymore of these F1 rifles show up to be reviewed. till then ill stick with my lwrc gas piston that you don t have to clean, This thing seems like a cleaning nightmare.

    1. Cleaning the F-1 Firearms rifle is not bad, I just use a few Q-tips to swab the slots, otherwise it’s the same, maybe even better since some of the gasses/carbon has a chance to escape the upper receiver….

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