1-5-15 ((BigGunner81 LIVE!)) Annette Evans & Jacqueline Janes

Somehow this didn’t get posted earlier… Not sure what happened there? This was an excellent show, we have been really blessed with having some awesome guests show up for ((BigGunner81 LIVE!)). These 2 lovely ladies are both sponsored by Sig Sauer, and they were so much fun to talk with. I have to say as I personally am partial to Sig’s (And have been shooting my P226 in competition), it was very refreshing to see these two running the P320 in competition. I can’t thank them both enough for joining us and sharing their stories as HASHTAG’s with us LoL. I’m going to throw my favorite hash tag in here, (which came from my friends teasing about my sig) #SigSugar. #SigSauer

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