July 2015 Got Ammo LLC 3-Gun Series Match

Just giving a short update from this past weekends Got Ammo LLC 3 Gun Match @ Aurora Sportsmen’s Club.  I had a blast, got a little sun burned and it was HOT out.  But everyone seemed to have a good time.  The MKA 1919 ran well I had 1 issue which is believe to be a mag problem with the follower sticking near the bottom of the Mag body, but far less issues then the first match when I was still breaking it in.  Overall I didn’t do horrible but I know I can do better next time around.  Stage 2 was a lot of fun the breaching stage which you can see in my video.  I love knocking down barrels, though not a big fan of crawling through tunnels it added to the challenge.  Stage 4 I believe the A.S.S.(Action Shooting Sports) Wagon stage as we call it I didn’t get on video but was a pretty decent / smooth run for me.  I finished out at 38th place out of 66+ competitors, and last in the unlimited division I believe (not many ran in unlimited I was probably 1 of 3 or 4).  But who cares 3 Gun is a blast pardon the pun….

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