Chicago Army Navy Surplus Co. Closing

Recently I found out that Chicago Army Navy Surplus Co. was closing it’s doors after nearly 3 Decades in the business.  Bob, the owner of the surplus shop has been a good friend of mine for over 15 years.  This time comes for all of us, the changing of the seasons.  Bob is ready to transition into retirement.  This is a bitter sweet moment, really it’s sad to see an establishment that has been a big part of the community for this long disappear.  When I was kid I was a big G.I. Joe fan, my first pair of dog tags my parents bought me came from Chicago Army Navy Surplus.  This was years before Bob befriended me, this was when the shop was still located in Westchester in fact.  The nostalgia and comradery, will be missed by many.  Today when I stopped in the shop during it’s last weekend of being open I saw many people coming in to say their farewells.  Many thank yous were heard, for the support of various organizations, providing great customer service ect.  And of course many were taking a moment for a quick picture for the memory.  While I was there my buddy took a quick pic for me as well.  I also picked up a few items and a couple mementos, including the slightly faded Gadsden flag that hung in the window and the complaint department plaque with the dummy grenade that sat in the display case for years.

–Thank you, Guys!

*Pictured Steve (Manager), Myself, and Bob (Owner)

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