Fake Gun Store Selling Lies or Just Opinions…?

I’m not sure if you have seen the recent story about “Guns With History”.  Using the initials GWH our anti-gun friends started a gun store that used advertising to lure first time potential gun owner in.  Once inside the potential customers were recorded as the fake salesmen showed them some firearms, then told the “history” of each of them.  Of course each story was a tragic one, how the gun had killed someone or multiple people.  Funny how they choose not to use any stories where a citizen survived a life threatening attack by using a firearm.  This does actually happen contrary to their belief that firearms kill people.  Firearms are merely a tool, the only time a firearm is dangerous is when it fails to operate properly.  Example the firearm doesn’t shoot when the trigger is pulled, or blows apart when the trigger is pulled.  Otherwise the danger ultimately depends on the person in control of the firearm and their intent (to harm or protect).

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